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The Success Formula by Peter A Azaare Book Launch

Peter A Azaare launched his second book The Success Formula (formatted and digitally published by Seanchaí ePublishing) recently in South Africa. Peter A Azaare is the founder of PAWC; Born with the passion to contribute to humanity, Peter was enrolled into the Ghanaian army in the year 2007. After which, he took part in joint military training organized by the United States Marine Corps and the Spanish Marine Corps during the inauguration of the Africa Partnership Station. In 2009, he served as a military member in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Liberia.

Peter left the army in 2012, to pursue his beliefs in God and purpose in his life. He has a loving wife called Yvonne Abraham and two lovely children Dominion and Divine.

His launch and book signing of The Success Formula took place in his Wisdom Centre and he has since been publicising his latest release on radio and television shows. See below:
Book Signing, Radio and TV show.

Peter A Azaare on Bay TV

Peter A Azaare on radio

Peter A Azaare ot radion

Peter A Azaare signing his book on TV

This is what Peter A Azaare said about working with Seanchaí ePublishing:

“Hi Seanchaí ePublishing

This is Peter A Azaare the author of “The Kingdom of God Passport Revealed”. I am writing you this letter today to thank you not based specifically on the professionalism that you showed on my book, but the patience that you had with me during the time of start to the time of completion.

Today if I stand the chance of been a reviewer, I would recommend your effort as not just the best e publisher, but excellent in terms of professionalism and delivery. Thank you, I was very pleased with the final work and cant wait to working with you on my second book “Jesus is life” God bless you.

Peter A Azaare author of “The Kingdom of God passport Revealed”

Find out more about Peter A Azaare here and if you would like your book formatted and published contact Seanchaí ePublishing for further information.

What is Digital Publishing?

Digital Publishing
Self-publish with

Digital Publishing (e-Publishing) encompasses many forms of publishing ranging from web and social media content, online magazines and newspapers, blogs, e-books and many more forms of digital media. It is an environmental friendly form of publishing that is instantaneously accessed and does not require the use of printing or paper. Making it attractive for both publishers and consumers as prices are generally lower due to lower production costs. 

Digitally published work is usually accessed via a screen and can be viewed via the internet; on websites, in emails, via digital retailers, on memory sticks (usb), digital disks and on any digital viewing or reading multi-media device.

Most digitally produced content must be formatted to ensure it is compatible with the viewing device it is being accessed from. It also needs to be user friendly, readable and flow seamlessly on the screen. To read more about the services Seanchaí ePublishing provides in digital formatting check out our design and formatting services. 

We offer editing, typesetting, formatting, publishing and distribution services for the following forms of digital media:

illustrated books
photo books
academic text books
corporate policies and handbooks and much more.

Digital media is a popular form of accessing information and with the onset of e-reading devices and applications readily accessible for all budgets it has become a very popular method of reading. Market research indicates that half of all reading material, magazine and newspaper circulation is via digital delivery. Benefits of this can include instant delivery, lower paper and printing costs as well as less impact on the environment. Digital Publishing can be an excellent way for an author to gain a following and has become extremely popular for self-published authors. Readers are ditching their printed book collections and acquiring digital library collections – on devices or clouds – of e-books. This is especially popular for holiday reading; as one device can offer thousands of books to choose from. It is an excellent way for businesses to keep overheads low as employee and training manuals can be distributed to staff and works can be accessed seamlessly with click-able tables of contents and indexes.

E-readers have revolutionised the publishing business and it has paved the way for many self-published authors who may have been overlooked by a literary agent or publishing house in the traditional route of publishing. Consumers shopping habits have also changed and as with other forms of online retailing like clothes, groceries, music and movies consumers reading habits have changed; they want instant access! They like to acquire collections of e-books in their clouds or on their Kindles/reading devices. The books they read are found online or recommended via word of mouth or through the use of social media. E-Books are found, paid for/borrowed and accessed (streamed or downloaded) via the internet in an instant.

What does this mean for writers and self-publishing?

Digital publishing has opened the door to authors and has given them complete control, autonomy and 100% rights to their creative works and artistic flare. Many of the top digital retailers such as KDP (Amazon), iBooks (Apple) and Google Play Books have been allowing authors to self-publish directly with them for many years. It has been a very successful method for many authors (click here to read some success stories) and authors on average earn 70% (variable) of their royalties – which is more than traditional publishing houses once the fees for design, printing, agents etc. are deducted.

There are a few downsides to this and that is because the author has complete autonomy over their work they are responsible for their own proof-reading, editing, design, formatting and promotional work. This can be extremely time consuming and for some, the technical and promotional side of things would be better left to more I.T. savvy, designers and marketing experts. This is where Seanchaí ePublishing can come to the rescue and provide self-published authors with all the services they require to format, publish, distribute and market their work at an affordable price.

Seanchaí ePublishing users the most current and up to date software programmes to format, produce, design and publish digital work whether that be an e-book, script, illustrated e-book or website – contact us today to discuss your digital publishing requirements. If that wasn’t enough we also offer authors the option to have their work created and distributed in print on demand edition.
Check out our list of advantages and disadvantages to self-publishing and our website for all your author services and self-publishing requirements.

#Irishwriters #Day6 #Roddy Doyle #quotes #amreading #amwriting

Day six of Seanchaí ePublishing’s celebration of Irish Literature brings you the one and only Roddy Doyle. Doyle, an Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter who graduated with a Batchelor of Arts from University College Dublin and spent several years teaching English and Geography before becoming a full time writer.

Seanchaí Quotes, St Patricks Day 2015
“If you are a writer you’re at home, which means you’re out of touch. You have to make excuses to get out there and look at how the world is changing.” ~ Roddy Doyle

He is author of the successful Barrytown Trilogy (The Commitments, The Snappper and The Van) all three were adapted and co-adpated into successful films by Doyle. He wrote a stage adaption for The Commitments which is currently a successful West End musical. His other works include a further eight novels, memoirs, children’s books and short stories. He won the booker prize for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha in 1993.

Read more about Roddy Doyle here:

Some of our favourite Roddy Doyle quotes include:

“It was a sign of growing up, when the dark made no more difference to you than the day.”
~ Roddy Doyle, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

“She’d tried her hand at most things, but drew the line at honesty.”
~ Roddy Doyle, Yeats Is Dead!: A Mystery by 15 Irish Writers

“Some of the people who look the most normal are probably the maddest people trying to look normal.”
~ Roddy Doyle
“I tend to plan as I write. And I want to leave myself open and the character open to keep on going until it seems to be the time to stop.”
~ Roddy Doyle

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